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Divorce mediation: know the benefits and set goals

If you come to the conclusion that divorce is the right option for your family, it's time to turn your attention to the process and what to expect along the way.

Some people assume their case will head straight for court, but this isn't always the right path. Instead, you may be interested in learning more about divorce mediation and the many benefits associated with this approach.

Why choose mediation?

Here are some of the many advantages of selecting divorce mediation instead of traditional litigation:

  • Ability to settle your differences in a more timely manner
  • Cost savings, since going to court is expensive
  • Opportunity for a more friendly divorce, which is important if you will be co-parenting in the future

Divorce mediation can be a beneficial solution to end your marriage as amicably as possible. 

Set yourself up for success by setting goals

If you decide to pursue mediation, you should set goals for the process. This will help you stay on course when things get rough, which can happen in even the most amicable of circumstances. Here are some of the most common divorce mediation goals:

  • To create an equitable divorce agreement
  • To create a parenting agreement
  • To minimize the expense and time associated with the divorce process
  • To minimize hostility (even if you no longer get along with your spouse)

You have the ability to set your own goals as you get started with divorce mediation, so make sure you think long and hard about what you want to accomplish. For example, you may be most interested in working through the details of a parenting agreement.

Does mediation work for everyone?

There are times when divorce mediation is not the right answer. If one person refuses to compromise or cannot collaborate, mediation can break down fairly quickly. If this happens, litigation may be the only answer. Mediation may also not work well for families where domestic abuse was an issue.

That said, you don't want to overlook the power of divorce mediation. Even people who don't necessarily see eye-to-eye on every issue can benefit from the mediation process if they are committed to keeping an open mind and working toward a common goal. 

It's essential that you go into divorce mediation with the idea that you are going to make things work. When you take this approach, while also focusing on your legal rights, you can be confident in your ability to work everything out in a timely manner.

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