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3 reasons you need your own lawyer for divorce mediation

Mediation is an increasingly popular solution for couples going their own way after a marriage. Unlike a litigated divorce handled by the courts, mediation involves divorcing spouses working together to set terms for the various issues in their divorce. The end result of mediation is the ability to file an uncontested divorce, which saves on time and money for the spouses.

Mediation can also help shield your kids from the drama involved in a courtroom divorce and prevent the issues from your marriage becoming public record. Choosing mediation is often a great solution for couples looking to move on instead of dwelling in the past.

Is divorce mediation better for children?

Parents who choose to divorce face some difficult choices. On top of the logistical difficulties of disentangling one person's life from another's, the destructive potential divorce has on children is difficult to overstate. Of course, divorce does not have to be an explosive, damaging experience that sets the tone for a child's entire life, if parents are willing to keep their children's best interests at heart and work together.

With some careful planning and attention to a child's needs and fears, parents can navigate divorce successfully and obtain the separation they need while keeping the child they love safe and secure.

You can fight to keep the state from taking your children

One of the worst nightmares that parents can face is having their children removed from their custody. For some, that can be the end of their lives as a familial unit and the beginning of an ongoing battle with the Department of Children and Families (DCF) to return the kids to the home.

There is no doubt that some children are better off in the custody of others when their parents are abusive, neglectful or in the throes of a powerful addiction. But it's also true that there have been overzealous interventions from agencies that decimate families unnecessarily.

Divorce mediation: know the benefits and set goals

If you come to the conclusion that divorce is the right option for your family, it's time to turn your attention to the process and what to expect along the way.

Some people assume their case will head straight for court, but this isn't always the right path. Instead, you may be interested in learning more about divorce mediation and the many benefits associated with this approach.

What factors matter the most for custody decisions in Florida?

Deciding to leave your spouse or receiving a summons for divorce can leave you feeling like many things in your future is uncertain. The relationship with your children shouldn't be one of them. For many parents facing divorce, worries about how the courts will handle custody and visitation is the biggest concern.

If you and your ex can't amicably agree on terms for your divorce, the courts will make some of these critical decisions on your behalf. Understanding of Florida family law and common practices for custody issues can help you prepare for the most likely scenarios with child custody. By looking at several key factors in your family, you can better predict how the courts may rule.

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