Planning Ahead To Protect Your Finances

It is vital to make smart decisions before you begin the divorce process. Engaging proactively can help you defend your interests when you file. Protecting your finances before divorce takes time and effort; however, planning for the future today can create a strong foundation for your welfare tomorrow.

I am H. Stephen Hillebrand, Attorney at Law. For 35 years, I have counseled Sarasota residents engaging in the divorce process. When you hire me, I will help you obtain favorable terms during asset division, child support and alimony negotiations. In addition to these services, I also explain your on their options when you are contemplating separation or marriage dissolution. Developing strategies at this stage can put you on a path for success after your divorce has concluded.

These Tips Can Help You Safeguard Your Financial Interests

Whether you are concerned about your estranged spouse depleting your savings or you want to establish more financial independence, completing these steps will accomplish your goal:

  1. Find and photocopy important financial documents, including your mortgage and your bank account, investment and credit card statements.
  2. Secure original or copied documents in a location away from your home, such as a safe deposit box.
  3. Open a banking account in your name at a bank that is not affiliated with other family accounts.
  4. Apply for a credit card in your name if you do not have your own account. Taking this step will allow you to begin building your credit, which is necessary to qualify for good rates on home or car loans in the future.
  5. Request a copy of your credit report from a credit bureau and freeze your credit. Reviewing your credit report will help you identify if any accounts have been opened in your name without your knowledge. Freezing your credit will prevent others from accessing your personal financial information or opening accounts in the future.
  6. Contact a knowledgeable lawyer for advice on your next steps.

Clients who meet with me before they take legal action appreciate the comprehensive solutions I propose because they have the time to weigh their options and are able to avoid making long-lasting mistakes.

Rely On My Sound Legal Judgment To Promote Your Long-term Interests

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