Using Mediation To Address Family Law Conflicts

In Florida, courts usually require parties to attempt to resolve their family law disputes using mediation before they turn to litigation for a solution. Family mediation allows married and unmarried persons to address these issues without court involvement:

  • Divorce
  • Shared or sole custody
  • Time sharing
  • Child support
  • Alimony
  • Property division

With a lawyer's assistance, you can mediate your personal conflicts economically and effectively. For over three decades, I, H. Stephen Hillebrand, have helped Sarasota families find long-lasting solutions for a variety of family law concerns. I am qualified to represent you in mediation sessions and have a record of success in securing favorable outcomes using this approach.

Mediation Offers Many Advantages Over Litigation

In addition to helping individuals save money, mediation can benefit participants in these ways:

  1. Mediation allows parties to retain more control of the process. The parties make the decisions in the mediation process, not the judge or the mediator. The mediator's role includes helping the parties identify issues, facilitating the discussion, encouraging parties to solve problems together and evaluating various settlement alternatives.
  2. Mediation allows parties to consider a wider range of possible resolutions. In court proceedings, legal options are usually more limited.
  3. Mediation allows parties to keep their personal affairs private. Unlike the information disclosed in court proceedings, communications made during mediation are confidential, and are inadmissible as evidence in any legal proceeding.

When you work together with your estranged partner, the solutions you identify are mutually acceptable. As a result, compliance with mediated custody and child support agreements is higher than compliance with court-ordered agreements.

After you consider all of these factors, you can see why so many people choose to pursue this out-of-court approach.

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