Safeguarding Your Relationship With Your Child During And After Divorce

When parents seek to punish their exes, they may manipulate their children to create lasting conflict. Child psychologists call this form of emotional abuse "parental alienation" because it is used to establish a rift between a parent and child.

Whether you are involved in divorce proceedings or have finalized your divorce, your child may be subjected to this type of manipulation, which can hurt your long-term relationship. Taking the appropriate legal action can put a stop to this harmful behavior.

I am H. Stephen Hillebrand, family law attorney. Since 1983, I have represented Sarasota parents who believe that their estranged spouses are taking steps to undermine their relationships with their children. I use my decades of legal experience to hold parents accountable in court for their actions because I am dedicated to promoting your child's best interests.

These Are Signs Of Parental Alienation That May Indicate Emotional Abuse

As a vigilant parent, you may notice changes in your child's behavior after your divorce. If you observe these signs, you should consider reaching out to a qualified professional:

  1. Your child refuses to communicate with you.
  2. Your child provides no specific rationale for refusing to contact you.
  3. Your child does not display guilt over treating you poorly.
  4. Your child supports the other parent at all times and during all conflicts.
  5. Your child uses terminology or phrases that sound scripted or coached.
  6. Your child avoids spending time with your extended family.

It is only natural that the strain of divorce proceedings makes it difficult for estranged spouses to remain civil. However, if you are a parent engaged in divorce, you will need to do just that. Children who are recovering from family breakups require support from both parents to transition to their new living situation.

When parents suspect their children are suffering from abuse, they can file a custody modification petition with the court. As your lawyer, I can help you remedy this situation in a timely fashion.

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