Representing Unmarried Parents In Paternity Matters

At H. Stephen Hillebrand, Attorney at Law, I represent parents in matters of paternity. If you have a concern about your legal relationship to your child, I can help you establish a sound legal basis for custody and protect your parental rights.

Establishing Paternity In Florida

Under state law, a child has a legal father if his or her parents are married at the time of birth. However, a child of unmarried parents does not have a legal father so the parents must establish legal paternity. There are several ways to do this:

  • An Acknowledgment of Paternity signed by the parents at the hospital
  • A court order from a judge
  • Legitimation, which occurs if the mother and father get married and update the child's birth records

For over three decades as a divorce and family law attorney, I have helped preserve the rights of fathers and their children confronting these family law concerns.

Comprehensive Support For Complex Family Issues

During a traditional divorce, decisions about child custody, time sharing and support are made throughout the divorce process. However, parents who were never legally married cannot divorce and must resolve these matters outside that framework. I work with parents to reach fair and reasonable solutions in these matters.

However, you do not need to wait until a separation to take steps to protect your parental rights and your child's interests. I can help parents make proactive decisions about their child's future so the child is protected in the event of a breakup. This protects your custody rights and ensures that your child will be taken care of no matter what happens in the future.

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