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After a divorce, many people just want to move on with their lives. However, that can be difficult when one party refuses to fulfill their obligations under a divorce or child custody agreement.

I am H. Stephen Hillebrand, a lawyer helping people in Florida pursue enforcement of family law orders after divorce.

If your former spouse is not making his or her payments, you have options. We may be able to bring a motion for contempt if someone is able to meet his or her obligations to pay child support or alimony, but has failed to do so.

Sometimes life changes — such as getting a new job, having another child or remarrying — require an adjustment of child support or alimony. When necessary, we can help parents seek modifications of family law orders controlling support, alimony or child custody.

When someone flouts a court order and fails to make the payments he or she is supposed to, it may be tempting to take matters into your own hands. However, in the eyes of the law, unpaid support or alimony is not a valid excuse to withhold parenting time. The best way to collect the back child support or alimony you are owed is to discuss your case with an experienced lawyer. Contact me at 941-365-5900, to schedule an initial consultation at no cost.

Enforcing Child Custody Orders

Often, time sharing agreements in Florida have some flexibility so parents can work together to swap custody when it works for all parties. However, sometimes a former spouse may abuse this flexibility and keep the child longer than ordered by the court, or deny parenting time to the other parent. I can help you enforce a child custody agreement to ensure you get fair time with your child.

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