Securing A Favorable Asset And Property Settlement Agreement

After a divorce, the property settlement — which is either negotiated between you and your spouse or put into place by the court — sets the groundwork for your financial life. Because of its lasting implications, it is important to get the best possible property settlement in your divorce.

I am H. Stephen Hillebrand, Attorney at Law, an experienced divorce lawyer serving Sarasota and the surrounding areas. For 35 years, I have represented individuals going through the divorce process and dealing with related financial issues like property division.

Taking A Systematic Approach When Preparing For Property Division Negotiations

Before I represent you in negotiations, I ensure that all marital assets are identified and inventoried. This helps you get a fair property settlement and ensures that all assets are documented.

After identifying all of the assets at issue, I will help you determine the value of any property, real estate or business interests. This is essential in reaching a property agreement that is equitable. Under Florida law, marital property should be divided equitably during divorce. Although there is a presumption that marital property be divided equally, there are factors allowing the court to grant a division of property that is not equal.

Once all assets are identified and valued, I can begin negotiating on your behalf to help get a fair agreement. If necessary, I will fight for your interests in court. I am fully committed to helping you succeed in mediation sessions or litigation.

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