Combining Family Law And Criminal Defense To Serve Your Family

Dependency & Juvenile MattersFlorida's juvenile court can be confusing and frustrating. Whether you are in jeopardy of losing your children because of neglect or abuse allegations or your child's future is at stake because of criminal charges, a skilled lawyer can help you protect your family and your rights.

At the office of H. Stephen Hillebrand, Attorney at Law, I have 35 years of legal experience guiding families through Florida's juvenile law system. From juvenile dependency cases to juvenile "delinquency" defense, I will protect your interests and your family's future.

Using The Law To Keep Your Family Together

Accusations of abuse or neglect can ruin a family. I want you to know that help is available. I will help you understand the process involved with getting your children back and work to protect your rights as a parent by:

  • Defending you against the state's juvenile dependency petition in court.
  • Persuading the state to create a case plan that allows you to keep your children even if the state is able to prove their allegations of abuse or neglect.

There are resources, including parenting classes and psychological assessments, that can help in your case. If your children have been taken away from you, I will do everything possible to bring your family back together.

Developing An Aggressive Juvenile Delinquency Defense

Even though a juvenile record should be sealed, it can have lifelong consequences for your child. If your child has been accused of participating in a criminal activity, it is important to get experienced legal help as quickly as possible.

I have extensive criminal defense and family law experience. This background gives me particular insight into juvenile defense cases. I will work hard to protect your child's future.

You Can Rely On My Firm To Effectively Address Your Dependency And Juvenile Matters

Call 941-365-5900 or contact me online to schedule a free consultation at my Sarasota office. I will explain the juvenile court process and identify a strategy for protecting your loved ones.