Meet H. Stephen Hillebrand

Taking a level-headed approach, you can find solutions for most personal conflicts when they arise. If legal concerns are connected to these disputes, however, it may be necessary to get professional assistance. In many situations, a skilled lawyer can help address an issue quickly so that you avoid lengthy legal encounters.

I am H. Stephen Hillebrand, family law attorney. For over three decades, I have advised Sarasota families when they are struggling with difficult legal matters. I strive to provide straightforward solutions so that you can leave your legal concern in the past and focus on your future.

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Focused On Your Needs Throughout The Legal Process

When you choose to hire me, you will be partnered with an experienced lawyer known for his accessibility and insight. I personally handle the legal issues connected with your case. As a result, I am able to keep you fully informed on your case's progress and will respond quickly when you need to change course.

Having counseled a diverse range of individuals, I have an expansive understanding of Florida's laws and procedures. Whether you decide to defend your interests in court or in negotiation or mediation sessions, I have the skills and qualifications necessary to represent you. I draw on my extensive background when I identify legal options for you to consider.

Together, we will develop a plan that sets you on the path for a beneficial resolution.

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I offer free initial case evaluations, so you have nothing to lose by contacting my firm. To learn more about your rights, arrange your consultation by dialing 941-365-5900 or by filling out my online intake form.